1. Overview

Cloudmatica PowerPoint Generator provides a simple, yet powerful way to automatically produce executive-quality slides based on a tabular data set. The concept is represented in the following diagram:

You define a slide template with placeholders for data. You fill a sheet that contains a row of data for each slide. Then you simply push a button, and Cloudmatica automatically generates the output in pptx and pdf format, and emails the results to you, usually in under 1 minute.

Everything happens on the cloud, and there is no software you have to install. You only need a web browser and an Internet connection.

2. Steps to Produce Slides and PDF

2.1 Step 1: Template

You pick an existing slide template or design your own template, which contains placeholders for content.
Each field in the template is enclosed in double curly braces, as follows: {{FieldName}}. All the layout and formatting elements are defined in the template, including the following:

  • Slide title
  • Boxes with content placeholders
  • Fonts, colors, background images and shapes
  • Page numbers and any optional footers

These are just a few examples, and you have the full layout and formatting capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint at your disposal. You are limited only by your imagination!

Figure 1: Example of Slide Template

2.2 Step 2: Data

The next step is to define the data that corresponds to the placeholders in the template. Here are the key considerations:

  • Each placeholder in the template corresponds to a field of the same name, spelled exactly the same way. For example, the data for the {{ProjectStatus}} placeholder is defined by the ProjectStatus field, as shown in the table below
  • 1 row of data equals 1 slide. Note that there is no upper limit for either the number of fields, or for the number of slides!
  • You can include multiple rows of data in a single cell. This is useful for bulleted lists. For example, the list of Benefits is separated by line breaks, and will translate to a bullet item for each line
  • You can easily copy and paste information between rows. You can also copy and paste from an external spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or OpenOffice Calc
  • You can add additional rows to the data sheet by pressing the “Add 10 Rows” button

Figure 2: Data


2.3 Step 3: Generate Output

The next step is simply to press the “Run” button. You may be prompted to enter an email address. This is the email address that the output is delivered to, so please ensure that it is a valid email address.

Figure 3: Buttons

All processing is done in the cloud. You will usually receive the outputs by email within 1-2 minutes.

Figure 4: Sample Output


3 Customization

Hopefully this tutorial gave you a good idea about how easy it is to use Cloudmatica PowerPoint Generator.

The standard Project Management Scorecard template (shown above) is available for FREE at this location, and you are welcome to use it to track all your projects.

However, you are not limited to the standard template or data set. Cloudmatica PowerPoint Generator offers a flexible framework where can build your own slide template and provide a CSV file containing the data you wish to incorporate.

Simply email your template and CSV data set to, and we will assist you to set up and generate slides in no time.